Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Membership 2019

Section Price
Intermediate Man €550
Intermediate Lady €554
Junior Intermediate Man €251
Junior Intermediate Lady €255
Junior Boy €152
Junior Girl €152
Overseas Man €301
Overseas Lady €305
Section Price
Social €100
Leave of Absence €100
Full Member - Men €1049
Full Member - Lady €1053
Senior Men €251
Senior Lady €255
Five Day Men €650
Five Day Lady €654

You can download an application form (click here) or contact the club administration office who will be happy to help.

The application process is very simple - When you submit your application, you will meet with Officers of the Club for an introductory chat. Your application is then approved by the Management Committee and you can start to enjoy the benefits of Membership.

In all, your application should take less than a month to have approved.
If you were a member during the previous calendar year at another GUI or ILGU affiliated club, you can transfer your handicap to Wicklow Golf Club on production of a Handicap Certificate. If you have never had a handicap, or your handicap has lapsed, you will need to get a new handicap. In order to obtain a handicap you must submit 3 x 18 Hole Cards which have been signed by another member of the Club. IMPORTANT: Wait until you have completed the 3 cards. Mark them "For Handicap" and leave them behind the Bar in an envelope for the attention of the Handicap Secretary. (Please read separate handout on "How the Handicap System works").


The Club offers great discounted prices from new Members. In 2018, we are offering full membership at a fantastic introductory rate of €777* for the first 12 months.
Once you are accepted as a Member as described above, your subscription must be paid within one month. We offer an easy-pay option by arrangement (ask at the Administration Office for details).


Competitions in Wicklow Golf Club are organised by the Men's & Ladies Clubs. Men's Competitions are played on Thursdays and Sundays (there are limited timesheets available on some Saturdays as part of the Sunday Competition). The Men's Committee also run competitions for Rabbits (members with a handicap of 18 or higher) from 5.00 pm on Fridays from April to September. Ladies Competitions are played on Wednesdays and Sundays (there are limited timesheets available on some Saturdays as part of the Sunday Competition). In order to play in a competition you must have a club handicap and you must have another player playing with you who will mark (verify) your score.

The Men's Committee is responsible for running all men's competitions under the Rules of Golf; in addition the following local rules apply:

  • Unless there at least 70 entries on the Sunday Competition and at least 40 entries on a Midweek Competition, the Competition shall be deemed void.
  • No shows on a Weekend Competition will be fined and subsequently suspended from Competitions unless the fine is paid within the time limit.
  • All players are expected to be on the tee box 10 minutes before their scheduled tee off time.
  • At the cross over parts of the course, the players further advanced on the course will have precedence at all times.
  • In order to maintain pace of play, players in their own group who are ready and in a position to play, can play out of turn.
  • The recommended time to complete 18 holes in all competitions shall be 3 hours 45 Minutes maximum.
  • Golf etiquette to be maintained at all times.
  • All prize-winners are expected to attend presentations and adhere to the dress code.
  • Any prize not collected within a fortnight of the Competition shall be forfeited back to the Committee.
  • The Committee reserve the right to rearrange or cancel any Competition.
  • The Committee's decision shall be final on all matter.
  • Timesheets are used when there is a competition taking place; this ensures that a proper interval of time is maintained between groups of people teeing off. The Timesheet is available, at least 10 days before each competition and can be accessed via the Club Website or by using your Swipe Card to access the Computer Terminal in the bar. If you do not have a playing partner you are welcome to put your name on the sheet with others where there is a space. Most competitions are played in 4's. The Men's and Ladies Committees encourage all members to play in the competitions organised and support the club. It is extremely important that players unable to make their tee time notify the clubhouse in sufficient time out of respect for the Golf Club and their playing partners. A fines system is in place to control members who abuse the timesheet by failing to show up for booked times. It is not possible to remove your name from a timesheet after 10.00 pm on the evening before a competition. Details of competitions can be found in the Club diary & Social Calendar or on the Notice Boards.
    The Men's & Ladies Clubs both also run Matchplay Competitions during the course of the year. Notices of these Matchplay Competitions will be posted on notice boards. Matchplay Competitions are played on a knock out basis, once you lose a match you are out of the competition. You will play fellow member(s) of the club either in a singles competition or as part of a pairing (i.e. you are partnered with another member playing opposite 2 others). A draw sheet is posted in locker rooms showing who you are playing against and what date the match is due to be played by and the rest is left to you.
    The Club competes in Inter-club Competitions locally, provincial and nationally and we are constantly on the lookout for new players who are interested in representing the Club. Team captains are appointed by the Men's and Ladies Committees and these are posted on the notice boards and on the Club Website.
    We have some very active groups who organise golf of a semi competitive nature. This golf is a great way to meet new members. The Apostles, a group of Senior Members run a Sweep among themselves on Tuesday mornings throughout the year. A fun Mixed Team Competition takes place at 2.00 pm on Saturday afternoons from October to March and at 5.00 pm on Friday evenings from April to September. New for 2017, is the popular 'Nine & Dine' golf and dining event - watch out for advertisements.
    Every individual in the club should at all times, show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of all. On the Course: Please avoid slow play at all times. If you are not able to keep up with the people ahead of you, and you are delaying the people behind you, you must give way. Please dress appropriately at all times. Please repair pitch marks on the greens, replace divots and rake bunkers before moving on to the next hole. Your behaviour on the course should never cause interference to other players at any time.
    Slow Play affects everyone's enjoyment of the game. Players should make a real effort to play at a good pace. Priority on the course is determined by a group's pace of play. It is the group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front not to keep ahead of the group behind. If your group loses a clear hole, it is expected to invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in either group. Avoid excessive practise swings. Be ready to play as soon as it is your turn, for example, have your glove on. Proceed to your ball as soon as it is safe to do so. If you wish to determine yardages, do so while you are walking. At the green, leave your bags in a position that will allow quick and easy movement off the green to the next tee. When the hole is finished leave the green immediately, mark scores on the next tee box. If there is any chance that your ball may be lost, play a provisional. If you have to search for a ball, signal the group behind to play through. These are just some points to be aware of when playing, we would appeal to all members to try and stamp out slow play where possible.
    Failure for any member to turn up to play their allotted tee time will result in the member being charged a "NO SHOW" fine. THIS FINE WILL BE €20.00. Fines must be paid within 10 days of receipt of notification of transgression. Failure to pay amount will result in your name being removed from the on-line booking system without further notice. Members may appeal the fine in writing to the Competitions Committee. Cut-off times for Saturday and Sunday is presently 10 p.m. before the day of play. Players who have their name booked in competition for both Saturday and Sunday will have the Sunday slot removed. Players can only book one slot per competition. Persistent offenders for all mentioned above are liable to have playing rights in club competitions withdrawn by the committee.
    On joining the club each member is registered with 'Golfnet' and is issued with a Swipe Card, regardless of whether they have attained a handicap or not. This card contains a unique 8 digit number (your GUI/ILGU number) which identifies you. This card has a number of uses as follows: The card holds your details including your handicap. When you are playing in competitions, whether in Wicklow or away you must swipe this card in the card reader to enter the competition. Your Swipe Card also contains 2 accounts as follows; Bar Account: This can be used to purchase drinks at the Bar. It may have credit from the Bar Levy when you paid your Annual Subscription or it can be toped up at the bar. If you have credit as part of the Bar Levy it must be used by the end of the clubs financial year. Savings Account: This account can be used to save for your Annual Subscription. You can put in as little or as much as you want over the year. Again, this can be done at the bar. Remember: When you are topping up your account, state which account you want the funds to go into.
    The social and Fundraising Committee organise many Social functions during the year. The Committee of management encourages all Members to attend and enjoy these functions. See Notice boards for details.
    Your guests will be very welcome at Wicklow Golf Club.

    As a member, you can invite guests to use the Club facilities in your company. On the course, the appropriate green fee should be paid at the Professional's Shop. In the clubhouse, you should sign your guest in to the Visitors Book.