Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Golfer of the Year

2019  Golfer of the Year - Mark Doyle

The golfer of the year title is one of the most prestigious in the club. The winner is the golfer who consistenty scores well in the Sunday 18 hole competition for 6 months of the year. To view the list of previous winners click here.

Golfer of the Year 2019 will commence on the Sunday 7th April through to the 30th September.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Frequent scoring updates throughout the year on Facebook and postings on the notice board.

 Points Scoring system will be as follows:

1st – 35pts 14th – 12pts
2nd –33pts 15th - 11pts
3rd – 31pts 16th - 10pts
4th – 29pts 17th - 9pts
5th – 27pts 18th - 8pts
6th – 25pts 19th - 7pts
7th – 23pts 20th - 6pts
8th – 21pts 21st - 5pts
9th – 19pts 22nd - 4pts
10th – 17pts 23rd - 3pts
11th – 15pts 24th - 2pts
12th – 14pts 25th - 1pt
13th - 13pts  

Golfer of the Year 2019 - (Holder - Mark Doyle)

2019  Golfer of the Year - Caitriona Fogarty

This competition began in 1968 with the presentation of a trophy by the men's committee. It can only be assumed that Esther Norris retained the cup having won the event three times. In 2008, the Murphy family presented the club with the Pauline Murphy Golfer of the Year trophy.


All top 10 scores returned in qualifying 18-Hole singles competitions played from the 1st Wednesday in April to the last Wednesday in August, plus all major competitions.  The Lady Captain's Prize if played over two days counts as two scores for G.O.Y.  All Open Days and other Weekend competitions are not included. Competitions with less than 16 entries will not be included.


Points are allocated as follows 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points etc. The winner is the player with the highest number of points.  If scores are tied it goes to the number of first places, if still tied then second places, etc.

Ladies Golfer of the Year 2019 - (Holder - Caitriona Fogarty)

Ladies Golfer of the year

Sunday Ladies Golfer of the Year 2019 - Caitriona fogarty

The Sunday Golfer of the Year will be run in conjunction with the usual Sunday competitions and the same rules apply as last year.

It applies to 18 hole Singles competitions played on Sundays (or designated time on Saturday) between 9th April and 10th September. Open Days are included.

All Major prizes and other weekend competitions are not included.

Enter the Sunday singles competition as normal and play the designated format on the day.

For every weekly competition you enter you will receive 1 point.

Points will be awarded each week if a minimum of 5 ladies have entered on Sunday (Saturday) even if the course is closed on 1 of those days.

Additional points will be awarded each week for those who play and feature in the top 5 places:
1st will get 5 points plus 1 for entering
2nd will get 4 plus 1
3rd will get 3 plus 1
4th will get 2 plus 1
5th will get 1 plus 1

Up to 10 best results will count for the Summer Sunday League and a prize will be awarded to the winner at the end of the season.

Sunday Ladies Golfer of the year

Ladies GOY Archive

An archive of the top 10 players and their scores from previous years.

Ladies GOY Archive