Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Wicklow Golf Club

.... a great coastal challenge

Golfer of the Year

The golfer of the year title is one of the most prestigious in the club. The winner is the golfer who consistenty scores well in the Sunday 18 hole competition for 6 months of the year. To view the list of previous winners click here.

Golfer of the Year 2017

(Holder - Conor Jameson)

Golfer of the Year 2017 will commence on the Sunday 2nd April through to the 1st October.

There will be 27 rounds (weather permitting) 2 rounds in July are not marked GOY in the diary but will be included in the GOY.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Frequent scoring updates throughout the year on Facebook and postings on the notice board.

Points Scoring system will be as follows:

1st – 35pts 14th – 12pts
2nd –33pts 15th - 11pts
3rd – 31pts 16th - 10pts
4th – 29pts 17th - 9pts
5th – 27pts 18th - 8pts
6th – 25pts 19th - 7pts
7th – 23pts 20th - 6pts
8th – 21pts 21st - 5pts
9th – 19pts 22nd - 4pts
10th – 17pts 23rd - 3pts
11th – 15pts 24th - 2pts
12th – 14pts 25th - 1pt
13th - 13pts